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Steph Panther, My Mindset Coach

What’s your line of work?

I have a coaching company for ambitious professionals and expatriates who are making a big life change or who want to make a big change and don't know how to begin. I am dedicated to helping people create a life and career they absolutely love.

What gave you the idea to start your business?

I was going through a big transition in my life and realized I needed some support. After 10 years of really hard work, I realized my ‘dream job’ was not what I wanted long term, I knew my relationship wasn't going to last another year, I felt really misaligned to some of the people I was hanging around, and I wanted to start my own business—but had no idea how to begin.

I jumped into an intense 6 months with my first life coach and found coaching helped me so much. I then wanted to be able to help people in this way too so I dove into professional coaching courses, positive psychology, NLP, learning everything I could about coaching and starting a small business.