New Stardom- Real Business Stories

Steph, what is it that you do?

I’m a mindset coach for expats, for people in a transition phase, navigating a new country, a new career, a new relationship. And it might all be happening at once as it usually does. I help them to get clarity, to follow their goals and to feel confident with everything they’re experiencing. I work on specific challenges with a holistic approach. 

What’s your background?

I used to work as an intensive care nurse. Before becoming a coach I was a healthcare specialist and worked in the industry for ten years. I love working with people and from a young age, I was fascinated with human behaviour. My dream job was to teach university students. For ten years I worked hard and when I got the job I suddenly realised this wasn’t it. This wasn't my dream job. That was a scary feeling because I had no idea what my dream job was. That’s how I found coaching. At age 27, my dream job wasn't my dream job anymore and I had to reinvent myself.  Personal coaching was the best vehicle I found that helped me do just that. So now - this is who I help - I help people who are in a transition phase.

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