6 Ways to Raise Your Energy and Let More Love In

We can be our own biggest critics can’t we? Especially through a big life change or transitional stage of life.
It is super important to nourish and give ourselves loving attention throughout this whole journey (not just at the end!)

When we’re giving ourselves love and kindness, we can’t be bothered with BS or pity parties (our own or other people’s).

We also send a message to ourselves that we are good enough and worthy to receive the results.

Here are a few ways to let more love in and raise our vibrational energy (to attract even more abundance):

1. Receive compliments graciously. Say 'thank you' - with a full stop. No disclaimers , buts or deflections.

2. Quit the comparison - we all do it and it’s the #1 fast track way to squeeze all the fun out of life! Catch yourself quickly and bring your eyes back to running your own race ASAP. 👀🔙 🏃 Come back to YOUR why.

3. Find play in every single day by doing things that light you UP ✨ Life doesn’t have to be so serious. What did you do for fun when you were a child?

4. Get in and around some nature. Make some time (even 5 minutes) to go outside and connect with the beauty all around you. Feel the air temperature, soak in the sunlight, see the different shades of light, feel the ground beneath you. 🌿🌳

5. Use the NOURISH filter. Ask: is this activity nourishing?
Notice how you give yourself love in the form of: nutrition, H20, people you hang with, movement (any kind!) and sleep routines.

6. Tame the wild beast that is your inner critic (we all have one- mine is called Carol! 🤣) When Carol is super loud and nasty, I simply become aware, send her love and imagine turning the volume down on her (bah bye!) I will then positively reframe what she is saying.

Give yourself permission to start now...

So from this list, what is ONE thing you can implement today?

(Let me know, I'd love to cheer you on) x