I really feel like I’m stepping into my zone where I internally feel confident. This new path looks promising and I now know my direction now and what I want to achieve within myself.

After years of difficulty with food and confidence, I am more confident in my body and working towards a healthy relationship with food where I see it as a fuel which energizes me to achieve my goals.

I am also learning that there are people who know better and I can learn from them, not hesitating to ask for the right help

- Let them in.

Natasha Sharma



"What makes Steph's approach so refreshing is that she says it how it is. Just straight up coaching strategies that get the best out of me and my sessions with her. Steph excels in helping others going through change... a transition... a shift."

Phil Anthony M, TEDX Speaker, Co-Founder of Nana Bowls & Phuket Cleanse, Thailand/UK