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Are you going through a big lifestyle change?

Or planning to and not sure how to begin?

You are in the right place.

I work with people through a transitional period of their life.

This 'transition' might take form as a new career direction, a new relationship, moving to a new country - or it might be happening all at once (that’s usually the way, isn't it!?) 

Whatever that big change is for you - we navigate it together.

Step-by step until we reach your goals.

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How I can help you... 

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You are here to do extraordinary things. 


What we can work on...


You are craving a change & are sick of waiting and wondering about other options. 

You are ready to take the first steps… (but also quietly freaking out...eeek!)

Don’t fear, I’m with you every step of the way!

You might be living abroad, navigating expat life and adjusting to new surroundings. There is lots of change happening and you would like to get clarity on your direction whilst still having fun, making friends and enjoying your new lifestyle.

In a funk and not sure how you got here? You know this is not who you really are and you want to feel in flow again.

I can help you get back to feeling energised and thriving. This time at a new level!

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How I roll...

I have an honest and direct style of coaching that (I’ve been told) my clients really appreciate. There is lots of fluff and noise out there in the world, the last thing you need is BS from your coach. Let’s keep it real!

Coaching is 1:1 and private. To where ever you are in the world.

Whether you are travelling the world or comfy at home, we can connect via phone, Zoom or Skype.

I work on a flexible schedule that suits different timezones and work schedules.

I am a trained and accredited professional coach and behavioural analyst (extended DISC). I will use a variety of tools and strategies to help you shift limiting beliefs.

Coaching with me is….. 

A completely judgement-free, respectful and confidential space.

After 10 years working as a nurse in various parts of the world, I am hard to shock - I have almost heard it all. So don't worry, you can explore whatever you need to and everything stays between us.

Our coaching time is all about YOU and doing what it takes to see you thrive.


You have nothing to prove to me, in fact if you do, it will get in the way of what we can achieve together. So, relax, enjoy your space to explore and I will guide you through.


You may laugh, cry, feel an array of emotion. I will teach you how to access different emotions and to use them as fuel. Also, how to let go of what is no longer serving you. Either way, I'll be there alongside you.


I believe having FUN and PLAYING everyday is essential to living. We will get lots done, but most importantly, we will laugh and have fun while we hustle.


I will kindly call you out if you are limiting yourself and help you create change on multiple levels. We agree to play at 100% and acknowledge that what you put in, is exactly what you will get out of our coaching. So let's raise the bar!


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  • "Steph has really helped my transition as an expat who recently moved to Amsterdam. Her innovative strategies and straight-talking approach really paved the way for me in dealing with a huge change in environment. Looking forward to working with Steph in personal growth elements in the future!."
    — Daniel Maccarrone, Consultant & Chartered Accountant, PWC
  • "Steph used the EDISC profiling tool and NLP techniques in a simple to grasp way. Highly recommend her as a Pro Coach!"
    — Krystyn Johansen, Emergency Registrar & Cosmetic Physician
  • "Steph provided me with insights, strategies, challenges, guidance and accountability to help me reach my goals. A positive and helpful coaching experience."
    — JG Archer, Netherlands, CEO of BizLabs
  • "Steph's first 'Find Your Ideal Self' workshop at We Work was a great experience. Her incredible coaching skills mixed with a combination of energy, openness and kindness makes it very special. Beautiful soul and highly recommended!"
    — Sylke Bommel, Co-owner of Imperial Feet
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Want to learn more?

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If you have curiosity, questions or thinking coaching is a fit for you - let's connect.

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