Lucca's Story

First up - Your name, country & work title please: 
Lucca Wilderom, The Netherlands, A&R Assistant

What was the reason you initially reached out for coaching? (Where were you at in life/ business/ career/ fitness at the time?)

I wanted more focus and a clearer goal to work towards, and, I wanted to get things done!

What achievements are you most proud of yourself for achieving during our time together?

My proudest achievement so far is getting to the point where I started to love myself. I don't feel like I must be in a relationship to feel complete. Also, I took the step to start doing gymnastics! It gave me faith back into myself so that I, first of all figured out what I loved doing, and eventually that I started doing these things. 

What have you recently discovered about yourself? 

That I don't need someone next to me to make me feel complete. That I can be besties with myself. I also discovered my strengths + weaknesses in working life. 

What is next for you? What new goals are you striving towards now?

I still want to sign up for acting classes. Plus, I applied for a PR-Manager role which is what I would love to do. I hope I will get the job, and if not, I at least know which direction I want to go to. 

Do you have any gems of wisdom for anyone who might be on a similar journey right now?

When you don't know where to go exactly, it's completely fine. Give yourself some space and time and it will come your way, but you must begin to start believing and trusting, you will find your path. Also what you should keep in mind is that it’s okay to 'fail' on your way to finding what you want to do. It makes you a much stronger and experienced person. We all need that! 

Anything else you would love to say about your experience with coaching?

It really gave me that extra boost I needed to get sh*t done. You're having someone next to you who's supporting and believing in you, which gives you an extra feeling of security and confidence.

How might people find you/ get in touch for your services? 
(Eg business page/ Linked in/ Insta/ FB) 



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