Nadine's Story

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First up - Your name, country & work title:

My name is Nadine, and I’m Swiss, but currently working in the Netherlands as a Junior Customization Designer. 

What was the reason you initially reached out for coaching?

I was completely lost with what to do with my career specifically. I didn’t know if it was time to start my own business or go back to school. I was basically in a bit of a pit of quick sand and felt my self sinking into unhappiness and fear for my future. 

What achievements are you most proud of yourself for achieving during our time together?

I am so proud of firstly gaining more self-confidence through guidance and Steph being there as my cheerleader motivating me on. I learned how to use excitement instead of fear when looking towards my future, and to use all resources possible at my disposal to really reach that goal I am aiming for. And most importantly, I am proud for the fact that I found that goal I wanted to reach as I had no idea what it was when I started.

What have you recently discovered about yourself?

I like knowing what's coming, it helps me prepare mentally. I like having clarity and a very clear target in front of me to work toward. I am capable of trusting the system even if it makes me uncomfortable at times, I know I need to work on myself to be my best self but I still love me now and am motivating myself to be better.

What is next for you? What new goals are you striving towards now?

I am currently looking for universities in design to better my skills and attain a masters to then enter a job title with less fear of rejection and with more to offer. 

Do you have any gems of wisdom for anyone who might be on a similar journey right now?

The biggest thing I learned was not to be scared of the uncertainty the future holds, it will work out eventually with you working hard and motivating yourself to want to be better.

 Anything else you would love to say about your experience with coaching?

Steph has been an incredible help and motivation, she has been helping me sort through what felt like a maze of decisions, questions and options I had. I really enjoyed my sessions with Steph, we had set clear goals before each one to make sure we reached them by the end of the session or set a goal time for that task to be done. Having Steph was awesome, she would tell you how it is, question how we can make it better, then find that solution, it was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. I appreciate everything Steph has done for me, to be in the position I am now, where I am more confident and happy with the current path I am on, and looking towards the uncertain future with excitement and not fear!


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