Anthea's Story

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Let's begin with telling us your name, and where you are from?

Anthea Dransfield, Netherlands, Sales & Marketing Director

What was the reason you initially reached out for coaching? (Where were you at in life/ business/ career/ fitness at the time?)

I was feeling very unfulfilled in my relationship, within myself and at work. I felt very lost and insecure about my future and purpose. I knew the issues were something that I needed to figure out from within, only I did not have the capability or tools to help myself. Enter, Steph Panther! :)

What achievements are you most proud of yourself for achieving during our time together?

1. Knowing that I am enough just as I am. 2. Treating myself with unconditional love 3. Saving the most money I have ever saved in my life + gaining a true 'abundance mindset' around wealth 4. Deepening my spirituality and connection to the world around me 5. Appreciation for all that I have material and immaterial 6. Strengthening + growing the love in my relationship with my partner.

What have you recently discovered about yourself?

I CAN save!

What is next for you? What new goals are you striving towards now?

Being well organised, efficient with my time and growing my wealth. I also aim to have a cleaner and more nourishing lifestyle 100% of the time!

Do you have any gems of wisdom for anyone who might be on a similar journey right now?

Life Coach + Meditation + Exercise + Nourishing Food + Play = JOY!

Anything else you would love to say about your experience with coaching?

Having an effective coach, like Steph, is like having a best friend, mother, 'guru', role model and sister all in one (minus the judgement!) Knowing that you are already whole as your are and that someone 100% has your back no matter what is such a liberating feeling. It has allowed me to communicate with radical honest and truly open up to the endless, exciting and beautiful possibilities this lifetime has to offer.


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