Katharina's Story

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Let's begin with telling us your name, country & work title please?

Katharina, German, but living in The Netherlands, Assistant Store Manager

What was the reason you initially reached out for coaching? (Where were you at in life/ business/ career/ fitness at the time?)

I felt under pressure, too many things to do, too little time and struggling making decisions and getting started.

What achievements are you most proud of yourself for achieving during our time together?

Having created a Website, having founded a blog concept.

What have you recently discovered about yourself?

Happiness comes from the inside and you can chose every day, every minute to be happy.

What is next for you? What new goals are you striving towards now?

Making money with my hobby.

Do you have any gems of wisdom for anyone who might be on a similar journey right now?

Seek out for people who can help you and don't be afraid! We're all in the same boat.

Anything else you would love to say about your experience with coaching?

I think it's important that you have an extraordinary connection with your coach. You have to believe, trust and admire him or her for their abilities and skills to help you. Only if you believe that this person can help you, they can help you.


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