Lucca's Story

Do you have any gems of wisdom for anyone who might be on a similar journey right now?

When you don't know where to go exactly, it's completely fine. Give yourself some space and time and it will come your way, but you must begin to start believing and trusting, you will find your path. Also what you should keep in mind is that it’s okay to 'fail' on your way to finding what you want to do. It makes you a much stronger and experienced person. We all need that! 

Nadine's Story

What was the reason you initially reached out for coaching?
I was completely lost with what to do with my career specifically. I didn’t know if it was time to start my own business or go back to school. I was basically in a bit of a pit of quick sand and felt my self sinking into unhappiness and fear for my future. 

I really feel like I’m stepping into my zone where I internally feel confident. This new path looks promising and I now know my direction now and what I want to achieve within myself.

After years of difficulty with food and confidence, I am more confident in my body and working towards a healthy relationship with food where I see it as a fuel which energizes me to achieve my goals.

I am also learning that there are people who know better and I can learn from them, not hesitating to ask for the right help

- Let them in.

Natasha Sharma

Anthea's Story

What was the reason you initially reached out for coaching?

“I was feeling very unfulfilled in my relationship, within myself and at work. I felt very lost and insecure about my future and purpose. I knew the issues were something that I needed to figure out from within, only I did not have the capability or tools to help myself. Enter, Steph Panther!”